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KJ Contracting LLC. Siding Roofing Quick Tips

"If you cannot find where your roof is leaking, go to the attic and look up at the roof to find water marks."

"Get roof leaks fixed as soon as possible since they can lead to more severe problems such as mold growth or rotting of wood."

Your asphalt shingle roof may need replacing if the shingles are loosing the mineral granules or the edges are becoming torn or curled."

"Have your roof checked once a year or after a heavy storm for damage by a roofing contractor. The average asphalt tile roof will last 15 to 20 years but damage can occur at any time."

"If an antenna or satellite dish installation requires drilling into your roof, be sure to caulk any holes to prevent leaks."

"Never pressure wash your roof. The high pressure stream of water can very quickly damage your roof."

New Innovations - Home Automation
From the simple act of turning off, on or dimming a light from any where in your home to total home lighting, heating, Air conditioning, garage door, hot tube and security management by a home computer running home automation software.

X10 Technology, Zwave and more.

If you are new to the world of home automation, read further to learn a little about what there is out there.

X-10 is a language that is used to tell wall switches and plug in modules to turn on and off. This language is sent through your existing power lines so no additional wiring is necessary. X-10 switches wire in to your wall just like regular switches but they offer so much more. The average cost of the X-10 switch is $25.00 and it’s easy to automate your home for under $500.00.

Here is just a few things you can do with X-10:

  • Turn off and on lights with a remote control while sitting on the couch.
  • Have lights turn on and off at a specific time.
  • Turn all lights off with the touch of one button when you leave.
  • Have your security system turn on specific lights when you disarm it.
  • Have your security system turn on all lights when tripped.
  • Use X-10 wireless motion sensors to turn on bathroom and hall lights at night as well as control heating & air conditioning.
  • Use X-10 wireless motion sensors to turn outside lights when motion is sensed.
  • Use an X-10 remote chime to notify you when someone has entered the driveway.
  • Use X-10 and IR to turn your TV to Picture in Picture to see who is at the door.
  • Have X-10 turn on your lights in the morning to wake you.
  • Use X-10 to insure your garage door is closed every night.
  • Many more things can be done...

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